Engineering Topics

When it comes to Off road trailers and vehicles, Solidproof knows its way in regulations like RDW and TUV. Also Traction power to the trailer wheels belongs to the possibilities.

3D printable Product Support.

Hydraulics Engineering

Volumes, pressure, installed performance. Intermediate between Customer and Hydraulic suppliers

AL Autocross

SolidProof is supporting ALAutocross and made this Artist impression , klick on the cars to see the website!

Engine Configurations

Engine characteristics, effective power range in combination with hydraulic installation.

Welding JIG

Red Objects, Welding Torch Reachability

Trailers, Driven

Knowledge of Trailers, Carriers and development of driven Axles .




Example of Trailer without Driven axles

Wood Processing

Injection Molding Tools

Injection Molding Tools, Pick&Place, After treatment systems etc.